Brownie Pâtisserie

I’ve passed by this pastry shop quite a few times traipsing around Taichung on the ever-so-convenient bus #23 and was always tempted to just hop off and visit since Brownie is the name of my dog. I mean come on, if you passed by a pastry shop with the same name as your pet, or as you, you’d want to stop by, right?

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My mom had been there before and had good things to say about some of their cakes, and if my mom approves, I have to try it. She’s a firm believer of desserts and always has a second stomach reserved especially for dessert. Like mother, like daughter, indeed.

I was pleased to see that most of the dairy products used here were imported from France (except for cream cheese, which of course, was imported from the US. Philadelphia cream cheese for the win). Any dessert Anything made with the sunshine yellow French butter that my dreams are made of pretty much gets a gold star.

There’s a pretty good variety of sweet treats at Brownie. There are chocolatey things, fruity things, and somethings that just looked like sweet mysteries to me. But considering that I can’t read most of the little signs describing what is in each sweet situation, everything that wasn’t obvious was pretty much a mystery to me. Their decorations were very inviting and utilized colors well, which is something I always applaud fellow bakers in since playing around with colors is NOT as easy as you would think it is. There’s quite a bit of color theory and an understanding of the consumer and what is aesthetically pleasing to them that goes into deciding the colors and decorations of a cake or any other dessert.

brownie 6

I loved the color of the cake and the fact that white chocolate decoration on top looked like whoever was receiving the cake was opening a precious little gift.

They had various types of buttery shortbread cookies all wrapped in cute little bags, ready to gift…to myself. I walked out with a bag of almond shortbread cookies, which were flaky, buttery, and not too sweet. It seemed like they cut the sugar in the dough to compensate for the fact that there’s sugar coated along the edge of the cookie. I also appreciated the fact that they loaded each cookie with almond slivers, instead of using artificial almond flavoring to give the cookies an almond-y taste.

brownie 4

Aside from their larger cakes (which really aren’t that large at all) and snacks, they also make an assortment of little cakes that are cutely decorated and once again, utilize colors well. The simplicity of their decorations accompanied by little pops of color and little details make these treats all the more attractive. Like this chocolate cake for example, which I’ll have to try next time, which is relatively undecorated, but the fresh fruit on top give the otherwise bland-looking cake freshness and color.

Dark chocolate cake topped with fresh whipped cream and fruits.

Dark chocolate cake topped with fresh whipped cream and fruits.

I took this little cutie below home to eat because strawberries and pink bows are my weakness. Although it was aesthetically pleasing, the taste fell a little flat. First of all, it’s a pineapple dessert, yet there wasn’t nearly enough pineapple in there. Secondly, it didn’t taste nearly as sweet as it looked, which normally is a good thing since I don’t like overly sweet things, but this cake lacked the sweetness that makes a dessert a dessert. The culmination of these factors led to a pastry that was a little off-balance since the saltiness of the cream cheese overpowered the natural sweetness of the pineapple and the sweetness of the sponge cake layer. I will say, however, that the sponge cake was well made – light, soft, and just the right amount of sweetness.

brownie 5

Sponge cake topped with pineapples, cream cheese, and fresh whipped cream. I love the pink ribbon bow and strawberry 🙂

This was something else that I wanted to try, but didn’t have the chance to take home. Although this one doesn’t utilize contrast the way the above two cakes did, the flower decoration on top gives the cake an artistic flair and the chocolate strips below it provide some edge to an otherwise round cake. The little sprinkles on the bottom help give this cake a finished look by  providing balance to an otherwise top-heavy pastry.

brownie 2

Rose flavored situation. By far the most mysterious of the three, but in my opinion, also the most artistically creative, especially the little sugar rose decoration on top.

I definitely am planning a return trip back to try more of their little snacks (because the almond shortbread cookies were delicious) and also to try another pastry. Will keep you all posted on my second visit back to Brownie Pâtisserie, where hopefully I’ll also have a chance to try their brownies, their flagship dessert!

Brownie Pâtisserie
3-2, Gongyi Rd., Sec. 2
Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: +002 886 4 2320 2389
Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm


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