Guess who’s back…back again?

It’s not Shady, but tell your friends anyways. After taking a two month long hiatus during which I traveled, ate, and mulled over some life decisions (you fellow bloggers know how it is) I’ve decided to dun dun dun start up another blog in addition to this one. I’ve realized that perhaps the reason why I haven’t been able to keep this one up as well as I had hoped was because this one is a little all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, being all over the place isn’t a bad thing; variety is the spice of life, right? But at the same time, I also felt limited.

I started this blog with the purpose of sharing my Le Cordon Bleu experience, which I didn’t do too well and once LCB ended, I felt like anything I put on this blog HAD to be pastry related, and when I started to write about things that weren’t food related, I somehow felt like it wasn’t appropriate and didn’t fit to the blog, which discouraged me writing about non pastry related things even more. And when I started to put up some recipes I felt like it got even more out of focus. It became difficult for me to decide whether or not to post something and some time during that deliberation process, I lost the gumption to crank out a post. Or I simply just forgot about it.

I also had the problem of feeling like I had TOO much to write about, therefore feeling overwhelmed, once again causing me to lose the motivation to keep it going. That’s why I’ve decided to start up a second one, to keep things separated and more organized.

Pastries and Shenanigans will now be a place for me to share with you all my food adventures and travels, kind of keeping the original purpose of this blog. My new one, which I haven’t launched yet, will be more of a recipes blog, where I will share my recipes, both pastries and not, and also highlight certain ingredients. I would like to say that all my recipes will be going along with the healthy, natural trend, but since I am a butter lover and also a lover of all things deep fried, expect a range.

To wrap it up, expect a second blog from yours truly to be launched at the end of this week. I will copy all current recipes and ingredient-related posts to the new one. Expect also a recap of my last trip to Asia and more exciting updates of my whereabouts and shenanigans here! Ciao!


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